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April 2015, Spring Harmony

April 2015, Spring Harmony

For many of us, spring is here and to celebrate that the darker times are over, the theme for April are Spring and Harmony.

We have had many requests to add stock photographs to Callouts, and we are taking this under advisement. In the meantime, we have added a beautiful Spring Harmony video stock photo collection to our Monthly Bonuses. We have also added harmony stock footage, transparent animated flourishes/swirls, a complete harmony music collection (Monthly Bonus, only available for a limited time), Cinco de Mayo videos and graphics, plus as usual a lot more to make your videos and presentations stand out.

All the resources found on Callouts can be downloaded by our Premium Members. If you aren’t currently a member of Callouts, you can join here and access all presentation resources. This includes the monthly bonus Custom Kinetic Typography Video in 3D + The Monthly Bonus of Harmony Music and the Spring Harmony Stock Photo collection!

OK, so let’s get to it, here’s the new stuff 🙂

Ends April 30th: Custom Kinetic Typo Video 3D-Style

3D-Kinetic-featuredYou still have a few more days to order your Custom Kinetic Typography Video 3D-Style. This Monthly Bonus expires on April 30th, so send in your request before then and we’ll create your custom video.

I want to thank our members for all the wonderful comments I have received about the custom 3D Kinetic Typo videos. It really fuels me to create more bonuses like this for our members. Here are a few of those comments:

“Dear Peter, It’s high time I thanked you for the two amazing clips you made for me. I love, love, love them.” Ann

“Looks great!  You’re a whiz…!!” Dave

“Very cool! Thank you. Now I have to finish the course so I can use it for promo purposes.” Tod

“Wonderful effect… thank you so much.” David

Request Your Custom 3D Kinetic Typo Video, see the instructions here!

Monthly Bonus 2 Spring Harmony Stock Photo Collection

To celebrate spring we have added this wonderful collection of stock photos. These are the high quality photographs you normally see in stock agencies and have to pay an arm and a leg for.

They come in full size and 500 px for your convenience. Many of them have space for you to add your own message to use in promotions, presentations and videos.

Check out and download Spring Harmony Stock Photo Collection here.

Check out the sample video:

Harmony Music Collection, Monthly Bonus 3

The third Monthly Bonus (available for limited time) is a complete collection of harmony themed tracks.

You’ll find tracks such as Dreamland, In the Clouds, Pensive Relaxation and many more.

Most of these tracks also have a long play time so they are suitable for your longer yoga, meditation, etc. projects.

Listen to samples and download Sweet Serenity Harmony Music Collection here.

New Transparent Flourishes Swirl Animations


We have just added 15 new transparent Flourish animations to our Animation category.

These Flourish animations are created to fit Full HD videos, so you don’t have to scale them up and if you are working with smaller videos, you can easily scale them down without loss of quality.

As they are transparent you can place them on any background. You can even combine them to create new ones, colorize them in in any video editor, for example Camtasia Studio or animate them as you wish.

You’ll find more information about the Flourish Animations here.

Check out the showcase video:

Mouse Click Illustrations Vol 6 and 7

We are continuing our series of Mouse Click Illustration graphics this month, with 2 new collections.

Each collection includes 5 different Icons/Stamp actions. The icons can be used directly in Snagit, Camtasia, Word, Powerpoint, Excel and most other graphics, office and video software, just by dragging-and-dropping them into the application.

The images come in transparent PNG format so you can place them on any background. They are 512×512 pixels large so they can be used even in HD videos. Click on the images to see an overview and download the resources.


See and download all 7 Mouse Click Illustration Collections here.

New Music – Harmony Theme

Beside the Monthly Special – Harmony Music Collection we have 2 additional new music tracks for you this month.

Pensive Relaxation and Outer Rim are both relaxation, meditation themed tracks.

Check out the complete Royalty Free Music Section here!

New Harmony Stock Footage

We have added a number of Stock Footage videos to our HD video background section this month related to Spring and Harmony. All videos are Full HD 1920×1080 pixels.

Here are a few samples.

150422-23SpringRainonLargeLeaves 150422-20SunsetSilhouetTreesCloudsPurple 150422-13SeagullsTakingFlightBeach 150422-10PalmTreeWornEdges 150422-05LemonCloseupPan 150422-17BeachHorizonSeagullsFlying

Check out the complete HD Video Background section here.

New HD Video Backgrounds

As usual we have also added a lot of great looking video backgrounds for you. You can of course use all files on Callouts Royalty-Free in both personal and commercial projects, so go ahead and get creative with an arsenal of resources. All of these are available in Full HD 1920×1080 pixels and many are loopable as well.

Below I have included a few of my new favorites this month. Be sure to check out all new HD video backgrounds here.

thumb97869-hd1345 thumb97868-hd1344 thumb97866-hd1342 thumb97865-hd1341 thumb97860-hd1336 thumb97861-hd1337

Check out all HD Videos / Motion Backgrounds here

New Cinco de Mayo Graphics Collection

To celebrate upcoming Cinco de Mayo we have added a new collection of icons/stamps.

Cinco de Mayo Icons/Stamps is a collection of 20 different Cinco de Mayo celebration icons. The images are 512×512 pixels transparent in png format so you can place them on any background. The work directly in the Snagit Editor or most video editors.

Check out and download the Happy Cinco de Mayo Graphics Collection here.

Cinco de Mayo WhiteBoard Animations

Apart from Cinco de Mayo Graphics collection we’ve also added a few Whiteboard Animations you can use for your video and presentation projects. Here are some samples.

150418HappyCincoNoHand-thumb 150418FelizCincoMayoHand-thumb

Check out the rest here.

Coming Soon

We are still working on the 11th installment of the Camtasia animation effects.This project template collection includes Call-to-Action animations you can use directly in Camtasia Studio. We also have a new Monthly Super bonus that you will not want to miss, plus as usual a lot more 🙂

Here are a few additional examples of the many new resources that will be released shortly.

CamtasiaProjTemp11 3DguyNewProject
1352 1344 1348 1351

All resources that can help our members create better videos and presentations should be accessible on Callouts. If you have thoughts about stock photos or other resources you’d like to see, please comment below or suggest on this page.

See you soon 😉

Peter - Callouts Staff

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