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Callouts March 2015, Kinetic Typography 3D!

Callouts March 2015, Kinetic Typography 3D!

I have to admit, I am a little bit jittery. The simple reason is that the Monthly Bonus this month is something really amazing. During March and April I’ll make a custom Kinetic Typography Video 3D style – just for you! I have already prepared a video (see below) that shows what your personal video can look like, but with your own text of course.

We also have Easter around the corner so we have a lot of Easter Greeting and Worship resources for you this month. Plus a lot more as usual.

All the resources found on Callouts can be downloaded by our Premium Members.¬†If you aren’t currently a member of Callouts, you can join here and access all presentation resources. This includes the monthly bonus Custom Kinetic Typography Video in 3D!

OK, so let’s get to it, here’s the new stuff ūüôā

Custom Kinetic Typography Video 3D-Style

The Custom Kinetic Typography Video 3D-Style Monthly Bonus is now live. Please see the instructions here!

You can find more information here!

Camtasia Project Template Collection 10: Countdowns

I thought it would be fitting that our 10th collection of Camtasia Project templates are countdowns from 10 to one ūüėČ

These are Camtasia Studio project templates that can be installed directly into Camtasia Studio and then dragged directly from the Library to your video timeline. They are in the form of overlay so you can add them on any background. We have included lighter and darker versions.

Check out Camtasia Project Templates Volume 10, Countdowns here

Check out all Camtasia Project templates here

Happy Easter Greeting Cards

PolyGoldEggGreetCard-featuredWe have two Happy Easter Gold Egg Greeting cards prepared for you.

One features a Polygon Golden Egg and the other a “regular” Golden Egg. Both have space for you to add your own Easter greeting in your favorite graphic app like Snagit.

Check out the Golden Egg Polygon Greeting Card here and the Golden Egg Greeting Card here.

Check out the entire Graphics section here

Happy Easter Icons and Stamps

24EasterEggsFeatureMore in the graphics department. We also have two sets of Easter Graphic Collections that can be used as stamps in Snagit or in most other graphics, office or video software.

My personal favorite is the 24 Easter Eggs collection, but you may like the Easter Bunnies and Eggs collection better.

PS.¬†Remember, you can’t eat too many graphic eggs in Easter.

Check out the entire Graphics section here

New Worship Videos

To celebrate Easter we have also added a bunch of Worship related videos that I hope will come in handy for your projects. We have added music to a bunch of them and some of them are also loopable so you can use them as seamless longer background videos.

150312CruxSunset 150304TraintoHeaven 150312CruxCenter

Check out more Worship HD Video Backgrounds and resources here

Happy Easter Greeting Card Videos

With Easter just around the corner we have prepared a bunch of Easter Greeting videos that you can use for that special Happy Easter video.

150312HappyEaster3Nohand 150312HappyEaster2NoHand

Mouse Click Illustrations Vol 4-5

We are continuing our series of Mouse Click Illustration graphics this month, with 2 new collections.

Each collection includes 5 different Icons/Stamp actions. The icons can be used directly in Snagit, Camtasia, Word, Powerpoint, Excel and most other graphics, office and video software, just by dragging-and-dropping them into the application.

The images come in transparent PNG format so you can place them on any background. They are 512√ó512 pixels large so they can be used even in HD videos. Click on the images to see an overview and download the resources.


See all the mouse click illustrations here

Monthly Bonus 2: Producers Pack Royalty-Free Music Collection

Studio Created Music ‚Äď Not just a bunch of pre-made loops assembled without thought and structure. These songs are composed and produced by FOUR television composers ‚Äď TSN (The Sports Network), The History Channel, Discovery, local cable channels, networks, and more.

Multiple Length Formats ‚Äď These tracks are 100% ready to go and contain a variety of lengths so you can match your requirements easily. You just pick the one that you like the most and then plug it into your selected audio project. This could be your website intro, an audio product or a CD you send out to people!

Listen to samples and download the entire Producer’s Pack Collection here.

New Music – Worship Theme

Beside the Monthly Special – Producer’s Pack¬†Music Collection we have 3¬†additional new music tracks for you this month.

Victimae paschali laudes is a sequence prescribed for the Roman Catholic Mass and liturgical Protestant Eucharists of Easter Sunday. It’s beautiful and even if you aren’t going to use it, it’s well worth downloading just to listen to.

Amazing Grace¬†is a Christian hymn published in 1779, with words written by the English poet and clergyman John Newton (1725‚Äď1807).

Open Window orchestral/meditation inspired theme.

Check out the complete Royalty Free Music Section here!

New HD Video Backgrounds

As usual¬†we¬†have also added a lot of great looking video backgrounds for you. You can of course use all files on Callouts Royalty-Free in both personal and commercial projects, so go ahead and get creative with an arsenal of resources. All of these are available in Full HD 1920×1080 pixels and many¬†are loopable as well.

Below I have included a few of my new favorites this month. Be sure to check out all new HD video backgrounds here.

thumb97857-hd1333 thumb97859-hd1335 thumb97852-hd1328 thumb97851-hd1327 thumb97849-hd1325 thumb97848-hd1324 thumb97845-hd1321 thumb97844-hd1320 thumb97842-hd1318 thumb97841-hd1317

Check out all HD Videos / Motion Backgrounds here

Coming Soon

We are currently working on the 11th installment of the Camtasia animation effects.This project template collection,

Here are a few additional examples of the many new resources that will be released shortly.

CamtasiaProjTemp11 stock-video-video-background-hd1345-97869 stock-video-video-background-hd1336-97860 stock-video-video-background-hd1337-97861 stock-video-video-background-hd1338-97862 stock-video-video-background-hd1341-97865 stock-video-video-background-hd1344-97868ViralMessage

What presentation resources do you need for your projects? Suggest!

See you soon ūüėČ

Peter - Callouts Staff

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