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Flexible Music Loops Collection

Flexible Music Loops Collection

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A large collection of more than 120 hand-crafted music loops for your creative videos and presentations.

Flexible music loops is a large collection of loops to fit any kind of project. The collection includes 9 different loop categories from Breakbeat, Corporate, Infomercial, Heavy Metal, Orchestral, and Techno loops. Also, a large part is categorized based on beats per minute so you can easily find the right speed for your loops.

See the preview video for samples of included loops.

Files Included: 121
File Format: MP3
Genre: Mixed Loops
Length: 0:04-0:30
Composer: Ginny Culp

If you’re a producer of any type of multi-media product, then you already know the value of a great instrumental background soundtrack. The perfect music choice connects with your audience in a way that text and visuals alone simply cannot accomplish.

There are of course challenges that sometimes only experience and trial and error can solve – UNLESS you know the shortcuts!

Challenges such as what style (genre) of music is best for an internet marketing sales video and how do I make the music FIT with my video? The answer to the first question above … it has to capture the right emotions, motivate your audience, and appeal to a wide audience. Did you know that there’s no “carte blanche” style that fits all situations? But modern instrumentation and production tastes will take you a long way. Thick tracks that are layered with tasteful bites of “ear candy” takes you a step further, and a song that runs the right length takes you another step along the right path.

It’s for this reason, that when you order a music collection, they come with a variety of durations. But what do you do if your video is 15 minutes long and you want the music to run through the entire video? Then Loops are a perfect choice.

Together with the power of the software that’s available today, you take a MUSIC LOOP (a file that doesn’t have a defined ending point), and you loop it (or repeat it) to run the music to fit your exact needs. Adding this collection to your toolbox today will fill it with another 121 of music loops.

Many of these loops are designed to integrate seamlessly with one another, plus… there are even a few “ending” files added in … to use in those spots where you don’t want to fade out the end of the music.


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