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Orchestral Impact 3

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Create impact for your videos with EPIC-sounding royalty-free orchestral background music.

All instrumental and dynamic. Thick layered and luscious tracks. Professional studio music like Orchestral Impact 3 will increase the value of your products and establish you as a true professional!

What Can I Expect When I Get The Orchestral Impact 3 Package?

Studio Created Music – Not just a bunch of pre-made loops assembled without thought and structure. These songs are composed and produced by Ginny Culp, one of the most “in-demand” internet marketing music producers.

Multiple Length Formats – These tracks are 100% ready to go and contain a variety of lengths so you can match your requirements easily. You just pick the one that you like the most and then plug it into your selected audio project. This could be your website intro, an audio product or a CD you send out to people!

Royalty-Free Use – With the Orchestral Impact 3, you’ll never have to pay royalties – even on network television!

All Orchestral and Instrumental – perfect for creating impact!

All Fresh Tunes – Not the same old tunes that have been floating around the web for years – these are all brand new!

More titles in this collection:

1. Cello Influence (0:30)
2. Cello Influence (0:60)
3. Cello Influence (1:30)
4. History Makers (0:30)
5. History Makers (0:60)
6. History Makers (1:30)
7. Eventually (0:30)
8. Eventually (0:30 – no drums)
9. Eventually (2 min.)
10. Eventually (2 min. – no drums)
11. Solemn Elements (0:35)
12. Solemn Elements (0:60)
13. Solemn Elements (1:30)
14. Solemn Elements (2 min.)
1. Breath Of Life (1:45) – new remix of this 2008 track
2. Breath Of Life (3:00) – also a brand new remix
3. Celtic Slow Dance (0:30) – from 2008
4. Celtic Slow Dance (1:15) – from 2008
5. Celtic Slow Dance (1:25) – from 2008
6. Celtic Slow Dance (1:50) – from 2008
7. Celtic Slow Dance (full – brand new remix)
8. Ancient Voices 2 (2:10 – brand new remix of 2007 release)
9. Ancient Voices 2 (full – brand new remix of 2007 release)


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