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September 2016 Autumn Content

September 2016 Autumn Content

Yesterday a new version of Camtasia was announced. It will be released some time in October this year. I’m happy to say that our Camtasia templates will work on both the Mac and PC version with this new release. We are also testing all the current templates on the new version, and it seems to work very well. In celebration of the new Camtasia we’ll release a new Camtasia template pack and Callouts premium members will get this as a bonus when upgrading.

All the resources found on Callouts can be downloaded by our Premium Members. If you aren’t currently a member of Callouts, you can join here and access all presentation resources.

I’m also very excited to release a new “custom made for you” project this month, more information below. Let’s present the new resources for this month.


This Special ends on October 31th.

Let me create a custom flag showing your text/image or logo. This is delivered as a Full HD video file that you can use as a background or intro in your videos and presentations.

We have a new Monthly Special for you, only available during September/October 2016. we’ll create a professional looking video background that you can download and use in all your video projects. Please note that you need to be a Callouts Premium paying subscriber to be eligible for this Monthly Special.

Get the full scope here

See All Monthly Bonuses here


September means back to school for many of us, or at least our kids if you’ve reached my esteemed age 😉

A useful collection of photographs you can use in school or education related presentations and videos.

See both collections of Back to School photographs here



We’ve added 15 new background flag videos. Check out and download your flags here.

Missing your favorite flag? Be sure to let me know.


Two new collections of icons that can be animated in Camtasia, used as stamps in Snagit or inserted into most other graphics, video, office or presentation software.

Since Autumn is the theme for this month we thought Weather icons would be suitable.

Check out the overview video below. That video was made with Camtasia, so you can see how you can animate the graphics.

Download the Round Weather Icons here and the Transparent Weather Icons here.

Click on the thumbnails or visit our Backgrounds section to download each one.



In this collection you’ll find 10 graphic backgrounds in Full HD or larger size, perfect to use in your presentations, powerpoints, and as backdrops in your videos related to the autumn. Works also well as backgrounds for social media or marketing purposes.

See the video below for an overview of included backgrounds. Please note that it is graphic backgrounds and not video, but you can of course use them in your videos.

Check out the video below and download them here.

See all Background Graphics here



For many of us Autumn is here, with beautiful landscape, leaves everywhere and umbrella in hand.

We’ve added a bunch of new background videos, well suited for your presentations related to Autumn and change.

In many of them you’ll find space made to add your own text in your favorite software, for example PowerPoint and Camtasia. A few of my favorites:

30123_callouts_treeseasons_thumb 30120-21-22_callouts_autumnsalehand_thumb 30119_callouts_autumncirclerevhand_thumb 30116_callouts_autumn2_thumb

See all HD Video Backgrounds here


40054_callouts_autumncircleblue_thumbWe’ve also added 3 green screen style autumn videos. You can remove the green screen in most editing software and place these as a top layer above other contents in your videos.Click on the images to access the download page.

Blue screen works the same as green screen, just pick and remove the blue. I chose blue because some leaves are green in this video and blue gives more of a separation. One of the green is slow falling leaves and the other faster falling leaves.

40053_callouts_slowfallleavegreen_thumb 40052_callouts_fastfallleavegreen_thumb

See all HD Video Backgrounds here


1447-97971Apart from the new flag and autumn videos we’ve also added a bunch additional new video backgrounds. All these videos come in loopable Full HD Format. Atoms and Medicine related videos.

Here are a few of the new ones. Click on the video thumbnails to view and download these resources.

Check out the entire HD Video Backgrounds section here

 thumb97925-hd1401 thumb97978-hd1454


Beside A new track in three versions, with the somewhat suitable title: Falling away (get it?)

I’ve already used this in various projects and really like it. To fit your projects perfectly, it’s available in 180, 60, and 30 seconds. Listen to the samples and download:

Falling away 180s

Falling away 60s

Falling away 30s

Listen and download all music


As I mentioned in this months introduction, we are hard at work verifying our Camtasia templates for the new version, we are also creating a new package that will utilize all the new features. Besides new Camtasia resources, the theme for October is Money and we also hope to create some scary new Halloween resources for you.

Don’t forget to let us know what resources you need. Just send us a message on our contact page.

Here are a few examples of resources coming your way soon.

moneyconceptfeatured moneystockphotocollfeatured
moneyconceptvideosfeatured scaryforest
CamtasiaAnimationLabs Coming flags

Peter - Callouts Staff

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