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Summer 2015, Travel Icons, Camtasia Swoops and Much More

Summer 2015, Travel Icons, Camtasia Swoops and Much More

This month have a new Camtasia Project template collection with 10 new templates, ready to drag-and-drop into your Camtasia projects. Need some great Travel Icons for your projects? We’ve added two new collections you can use directly in most office, video and graphics apps including Snagit. For this release, we’ve also loaded up with no less than 5 monthly bonuses, new time lapse videos and much more.

All the resources found on Callouts can be downloaded by our Premium Members. If you aren’t currently a member of Callouts, you can join here and access all presentation resources. This includes the five monthly bonuses only available for a limited time.

OK, so let’s get to it, here’s the new stuff 🙂



Our 12th Camtasia Animation collection features mouse clicks and swoops. Perfect when you want to illustrate exactly what your viewer/student should do at different points in your video.

Check out the overview video below to see samples of included Camtasia project templates.

In this collection you will find 10 drag-and-drop project templates that you can use directly in Camtasia Studio (PC).

Just import into Camtasia and you will find them in your Camtasia Library. Then drag them down to your timeline and adjust length, fonts, animation durations etc.

The templates are created for Full HD 1920×1080, but can easily be scaled down. Sound effects are also included.

Download Camtasia Mouse Clicks and Swoops Templates here

Remember that the Monthly bonuses are only available for a limited time. These five bonuses will only be available until end of August.


This premium graphics collection includes 21 high quality pointers graphic files.

Each image is created in transparent PNG format so you can add it to any background or on any video. We have created them in 1000×1000 pixels so you can use them in HD video without sacrificing quality.

Check out the video, preferably in HD, to get an overview of included items:

Download 3D HD Pointers here


Just like the Hollywood producers, give your videos impact and emotion with this hard hitting royalty-free sound effects package.

Includes: orchestral crescendos, low and heavy strings, timpani rolls, tremolo strings, orchestral hits, and a variety of impacts.

Listen to samples and download Sound Effects Impacts Collection here


Want to make your graphics POP and look truly professional?

One of the easiest ways to add some flair to your graphics is by adding a cool abstract background as the back drop of your design. Let me show you what I mean…

Check out Samples and download Callouts Abstract Backgrounds here


30 amazing photos in hi-resolution JPG format (up to 6000×4000 pixels in 300 dpi) Enjoy! The photos are supplied in two sizes, full size and 500 pixels for easy web use.

They can be used Royalty-free in your commercial projects (but as usual not for resale of any kind). Some also have space to add your own text.

Check out the video, preferably in HD, to get an overview of included photographs:

Download your summer stock photo collection here


Some rock music to go with your Camtasia videos and other creative projects?

Then we have just the thing for you, a royalty-free music collection with no less than 33 tracks, available during July and August.

Listen to samples and download Rock Legends Music Collection here


This month we have two new graphics collections. Each collection includes 31 different images that can be used as icons, as stamps in Snagit or on your videos. One collection features new modern flat style icons and the other is transparent icons.

Check out the Transparent Vacation Icons/Stamps here
Check out the Flat Vacation Icons/Stamps here


Check out all Stamps and Icons collections here.


This month we have added 3 new royalty-free tracks for you, I hope you’ll have great use of them.

Urban Beats is a fast urban soundtrack, but with a hint of “news show” to it. Check it out and see if you want to use it for your news stories perhaps.

Tranical Chords, another interesting urban tune. Listen to sample and download Tranical Chords here.

Porchlight has been dubbed a rave track. Not sure I agree to that listing, but it sure sounds interesting. Listen to Porchlight sample and download it here.

Check out the complete Royalty Free Music Section here!


As usual we’ve added a lot of HD Video backgrounds this month. We have Engines, Da Vinci inspired machines, Book/Computer related backgrounds as well as two new time lapse videos I think you’ll find useful.

Click on the image to check out the preview and download the video. We also got a request for the slide show video that we created for the summer stock photo collection, so now that video is available for download in it’s entirety without titles. It’s 2 minutes long so it’s a big file 😉 And as usual we have added a lot of new HD Video backgrounds. Here are some of my favorites. Click on the images to see sample videos and download the full HD versions.

 20022DrawBookCompText-thumb 20021DrawBookComput-thumb 20018BooktoComputer2-thumb 20017BooktoComputer1-thumb thumb97904-hd1380 thumb97903-hd1379 thumb97902-hd1378 thumb97901-hd1377 thumb97900-hd1376 thumb97898-hd1374 thumb97897-hd1373 thumb97896-hd1372 thumb97895-hd1371 thumb97893-hd1369 

Check out the complete HD Video Background section here.


The theme for next content release is Back to School with a nice stock photo collection, two icons collections and more.

We are also working on a new collection of Camtasia Animations. This collection will be free for everyone.

Here are a few examples of the many new resources that will be released shortly.
hd1384-97908 hd1386-97910 hd1388-97912 hd1390-97914 hd1391-97915 hd1393-97917

All resources that can help our members create better videos and presentations should be accessible on Callouts. If you have thoughts about stock photos or other resources you’d like to see, please comment below or suggest on this page.

See you soon 😉

Peter - Callouts Staff

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  1. Mickey Bliven
    July 24, 2015, 12:25 am

    SUMMER STOCK PHOTO COLLECTION, how do I get the music used in thhis video?

  2. Mickey Bliven
    August 6, 2015, 1:41 am

    Love camtasia studio, still a rookie but it’s amazing what you guys can do.

  3. Peter - Callouts Staff
    August 26, 2015, 12:00 pm

    Hi Mickey, the track is named Sunset Dreaming and will be released for Callouts members shortly.

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