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Happy Thanksgivings!

Happy Thanksgivings!

Just a quick message to tell you how thankful we here at Callouts are, to have you as our member!

We want to take this opportunity to wish you a harvest of good health, good times, and perhaps even some great creative work.

Below I’ve collected some of our Thanksgiving, and Black Friday assets for your creative projects.

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Happy Thanksgivings day!
Peter Gillberg
Callouts Creative Assets Creator


Glorious turkeys are here. To celebrate, we added a bunch of photos, and paintings illustrating glorious turkeys, Thanksgiving tables, and pumpkins.

Check out Glorious Turkeys here

More Autumn assets here


Believe it or not, time flies, and the Thanksgiving Holiday is around the corner in the US. We have three new series of top-down photo backgrounds for your Thanksgiving projects.

There is a square, a vertical, and a horizontal version, with six different photo backgrounds for you. All versions are different so you have 18 backgrounds to work with.

Many of them also have an area where you can add text, for example in Canva.

You can see an example of what’s included in the square collection below.

They come in large dimensions and are prepared for most social media, video, and presentation app dimensions.

Check out the three collections of Thanksgiving Backgrounds here

More Autumn assets here


We’ve collected a large page with Thanksgiving and Autumn-themed creative assets for you. For quick access to your Thanksgiving projects.

You’ll find categories such as free graphics, music, graphics, videos, green-screen videos and Black Friday/Cyber Monday advertising graphics.

Grab these for your creative autumn projects here!


We are happy to present our latest Camtasia template collection, “Modern Titles and Lower Thirds” for Camtasia.

The collection includes 20 different animated text templates that will work great, both for titles, as well as for Lower thirds.

All have been hand-crafted here on Callouts Studio while keeping an eye on the latest trends and incredible titles around. It’s a diverse collection where you’ll find something suitable for your projects.

All templates are completely customizable, and you can quickly edit colors, text, etc. in the Camtasia Quick Properties. And as usual, they install directly in the Camtasia library.

More details and download

See all Camtasia templates here


Create impact for your videos with EPIC-sounding royalty-free orchestral background music.

All instrumental and dynamic. Thick layered and luscious tracks. Professional studio music like Orchestral Impact 3 will increase the value of your products and establish you as a true professional!

What Can I Expect When I Get The Orchestral Impact 3 Package?

Studio Created Music – Not just a bunch of pre-made loops assembled without thought and structure. These songs are composed and produced by Ginny Culp, one of the most “in-demand” internet marketing music producers.

Multiple Length Formats – These tracks are 100% ready to go and contain a variety of lengths so you can match your requirements easily. You just pick the one that you like the most and then plug it into your selected audio project. This could be your website intro, an audio product or a CD you send out to people!

Royalty-Free Use – With the Orchestral Impact 3, you’ll never have to pay royalties – even on network television!

All Orchestral and Instrumental – perfect for creating impact!

Download Orchestral Impact here

See All Monthly Bonuses here

Access all music here


As per our Halloween traditions, SuperStamps Monsters has been made available for our members for a few days only.

SuperStamps Monsters is a kit of web graphics that you can use with any graphic application. The images are in png format, thus transparent so you can place them over your photos or create your own unique icons and emoticons.

I recommend using Snagit with this collection so you can easily drag-and-drop the images on top of your screen captures.

Have fun with your photos

SuperStamps Monsters is a fun photo creation kit. Because all the included elements/images are transparent you can paste them directly onto your photographs while editing with Snagit or other graphic applications.

Just place your image in Snagit or other graphic editors of your choice and then drag and resize the different elements you want to apply to your photo.

How about adding cool glasses, a beard, perhaps a nose ring, or a scary face tattoo? Create your personal avatars using your own photo with special effects added. Anything is possible.

Or perhaps play a prank on your friends and add some less charming stuff to their photos. But watch out, they may “SuperStamp” you right back…

Create Your Personal Emoticons/Smilies/Avatars/Mascots/Characters

Whether you just want to cheer your colleagues up with a smiley or you need a unique character for a school or work project, or you want to create your own avatar for a forum, you have it all accessible in SuperStamps Monsters.

Because there are so many different elements included in this creation kit your creations will be your own, look professional and be unique and personal.

See all details and download SuperStamps Monsters

Visit our Monthly Bonus section.


A large collection of more than 120 hand-crafted music loops for your creative videos and presentations.

Flexible music loops is a large collection of loops to fit any kind of project. The collection includes 9 different loop categories from Breakbeat, Corporate, Infomercial, Heavy Metal, Orchestral, and Techno loops. Also, a large part is categorized based on beats per minute so you can easily find the right speed for your loops.

See the preview video for samples of included loops.

Download Flexible Music Loops

See All Monthly Bonuses here

Access all music here


Below you find a few examples of assets currently under development.

We are looking for input for more assets! If you have suggestions for themes or resources you’d like to see, just send us a message on our contact page.

And as usual much, much more! Thank you for taking the time to check out our new resources. See you soon!

Peter - Callouts Staff

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