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op 10 Camtasia Templates 2019

Top Ten Most Downloaded Camtasia Templates 2019

We have been hard at work going through the statistics from last year. Today we present the ten most downloaded Camtasia template collections during 2019.

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We have prepared a “Top List Awards” video for you here, showcasing the ten most downloaded Camtasia template collections last year. Be sure to check this out as I am sure you’ll find some useful templates for your creative video projects 😉

Check out the video to see the most popular Camtasia Templates 2019

And here is a breakdown of each of the ten collections.

#10 Camtasia Long Shadow Text-FX

The tenth most downloaded Camtasia template collection is the “long shadow text fx”.

Long Shadows is a very popular design concept that has not previously been available as a template for Camtasia, and very difficult to create in Camtasia.

The collection includes 25 templates that you can install and use directly from inside the Camtasia Library. New is also that you don’t need to edit the text in the timeline, but we have included the option of editing the text, font, size, etc. directly in the Camtasia Quick Properties editor.

Download Asset Here

#9 Hidden Text Camtasia Templates

On number nine we find the “Hidden Text” Camtasia template collection.

“Hidden text” is a new Camtasia template collection that combines animated layers of photos with a text to obscure part of the text. This is a popular technique in advertising that has been used by Spotify, and Airbnb among others. We wanted to give our members the chance to use this technique right inside Camtasia. By combing layers of animated images and text, we created ten different templates for your creative projects. I am sure your videos will really stand out with these templates.

Download Asset Here

#8 Camtasia Photo Slideshow Templates

And on 8th place, we have Photo Slideshow template collection.

Create amazing slideshows fast and easy directly in Camtasia. Apply stylish slideshow effects to your photos in one click.

The collection includes 20 premade templates to create your own fluent photo slideshow in just a few clicks. 10 templates optimized for landscape (horizontal) and square photos and ten for portrait (vertical) photos.

Download Asset Here

#7 Camtasia Templates – Frosty Animated Titles/LowerThirds with Transition

The seventh most downloaded collection and definitely one of my favorites, the “Frosty” Camtasia animated title templates.

Can be used as titles, as slides in a presentation or even lower thirds. A clean simple but impactful style. The template collection includes 11 different templates. Six vertical and 5 horizontal templates in 5 different colors. Carefully timed sound effects are also included. Each template is made so that it can be used as a transition, with the transition point marked.

Download Asset Here

#6 Camtasia Video and Website Demo Templates

Do you need to create a demo video of your website, demo your videos or showcase other web pages quickly and easily, then the sixth most downloaded Camtasia template collection is for you.

The Camtasia template collection is focused on showcasing screencasts, webpages, and videos. 13 different templates are included.

Just drag-and-drop the different templates, then update texts, exchange the video templates to your own screen-recordings in three easy steps for a professional presentation. Scroll down to see a preview video.

Download Asset Here

#5 Camtasia Monitor Mockups

The fifth most downloaded Camtasia collection is the Monitor Mockup Templates!

The collection includes ten different monitor overlay templates. Perfect to present your videos or images with accompanying text.

Download Asset Here

#4 Camtasia Text Lens Flares

And on number four, we have the slick Camtasia Text Lens Flares!

There are TEN different optical flare templates, each with its unique style and light effects. You can edit the texts, the animations of light effects, colors, etc. Optimized for Full HD 1920×1080 but scales down well.

Download Asset Here

#3 Camtasia MoGraph Lower Thirds

We proudly present our third most popular template collection for Camtasia during 2019, Motion Graphics Lower Thirds!

Lower thirds assets are one of the most areas for Camtasia. In this template collection, you’ll find ten new lower thirds for Camtasia with motion graphics incorporated.

We have worked meticulously on the details to get everything in line and timed correctly. They come highly organized and can be installed directly into your Camtasia library. Once installed you can just drag them to the timeline, open the group and edit the texts.

You can edit: font, color, and size of the font, animation (not for the motion graphic, but for the lower third itself), timing, etc. Sound effects are included as well and can also be switched out to your own, or removed completely.

Download Asset Here

#2 Camtasia Animated Doodle Arrows

Number two goes to: Camtasia Animation Templates! In this collection, you’ll find no less than 50 animated-drawn doodle arrows.

There are seven different arrow styles, in 5 different pre-made colors. You can further use colorize in Camtasia to set any color you need for your project.

Unsymmetrical arrows also come in two angles, for ease-of-use. You can animate these further with Camtasia behaviors, change their speed and rotate them 360 degrees. Change scale, Opacity, Add drop shadow and customize them even further.

Installs into the Camtasia library and comes with organized titles so you easily find what you need. After installation just drag-and-drop from the timeline into Camtasia.

Download Asset Here

#1 Camtasia Quick Line Transitions

Drumroll… The most downloaded Camtasia template collection in 2019 was…

Camtasia Quick Line Transitions.

This is a collection of 11 quick flat line/square styled transitions for Camtasia. Installs directly into the Camtasia library. Drag-and-drop to your timeline.

In and outpoints are marked so you can easily position your transitions to the points. Transitions are also very fast, 1-2 seconds long to keep the pace of your presentation.

Includes 3x Square transitions and 8 line transitions in different colors to fit your theme.

Download Asset Here

That covers the ten most downloaded premium Camtasia template collections during 2019. Stay tuned for more 2019 top-lists, including an overview of the most downloaded free Camtasia templates, coming shortly…

Peter - Callouts Staff

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