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We have a great launch offer for you! Choose your own custom logo intro video (20 versions available, see below), $10 for Callouts members (coupon on your Callouts account welcome page), and $20 if you're not yet a member. The coupon is available for Callouts members throughout July and August 2020. Can be used as many times you like.

3 Easy Steps to Get Your Custom Intro Video

Step 1 - Choose your template among previews below

Step 2 - Fill in the form, send in your logo

Step 3 - Place the order! Delivery within one business day

Choose Your Template

Flag Zoom Logo

Duration: 8 seconds
ID: CS001

Customize flag color

Fire Embers Spin Logo

Duration: 7 seconds
ID: CS002

Logo customization only

Box Jumping Logo

Duration: 9 seconds
ID: CS003

Customize particle overlay color

Shiny Chrome Logo

Duration: 5 seconds
ID: CS004

Transparent only logo

Rolling Cubes Logo

Duration 8 seconds
ID: CS005

Customize blocks and background Colors

Energy Burst Logo

Duration 5 seconds
ID: CS006

Customize background color

Futuristic UI Grow Logo

Duration: 12 seconds
ID: CS007

Customize Neon Color

Burn Smoke Logo

Duration 6 seconds
ID: CS008

Customize Fire/Particles Color

Particles Collide Logo

Duration 8 seconds
ID: CS009

Customize 2x Glowing Balls Color

Book Open Logo

Duration: 10 seconds
ID: CS0010

Customize 2x texts, above and below logo

Dark Cube Fracture Logo

Duration 13 seconds
ID: CS011

Customize 3x texts, customize Color: cube shards (red), and background

Colored Smoke Logo

Duration 5 seconds
ID: CS012

Customize smoke color

SuperNova Logo

Duration: 9 seconds
ID: CS0013

Customize background color

Water Splash Logo

Duration 6 seconds
ID: CS014

Customize water color

3D Pixel Logo

Duration 5 seconds
ID: CS015

Customize background color

Combustion Logo

Duration: 12 seconds
ID: CS0016

Logo customization only

Assembling Logo

Duration 5 seconds
ID: CS017

Customize background color

Flat 2D Circles Logo

Duration 7 seconds
ID: CS018

Customize final background color

Bouncy Flat Logo

Duration: 7 seconds
ID: CS0019

Customize 2x colors: logo circle (white), final background color (dark blue)

Wavy Wire Frame Logo

Duration 10 seconds
ID: CS020

Customize 2x colors: Lens flare color and background color

What our clients said...

Just received the logo videos and they are AMAZING! Thank you for doing the other versions, it’s greatly appreciated and they look stunning. Thanks again, Mark C

These look great! I agree with your taste in purple. Thanks for the amazing turnaround time and quality craftsmanship. You are now on my speed dial (err speed email) for all things Callouts. Bob

Custom Logo Intro Features

Your Custom Logo or Image
We create your custom video intro using your own logotype or image.

Quick Turn Around
Once your payment and customization details have been sent in we will create your custom logo intro in one business day.

Full HD Video with Sound FX
Videos are delivered in Full HD, 1920x1080 pixels with sound effects included.

Submit Graphic and Order

Recommended size 1000-2000 pixels.
We can handle almost any format and size, but transparent logos (PNG, AI, EPS) of high quality is preferred for better results.

Sound effects are also included in most templates.

We can handle most file types. Transparent logos is preferable, but not necessary. Size 1000-2000 pixels, recommended. Smaller images also work but larger is preferred for quality.

Order Your Custom Logo Video