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I just logged on to callouts.com for the first time and am amazed at the selection of great looking animations, audio, and graphic elements. The media is well organized and easy to find. I plan to use these to spice up my Camtasia Studio videos for professional use and for FUN. My son will especially love the music and sports themes. Job well done!
Wendy Edelman, TechSmith Corp., Michigan, USA

So, I began to use Callouts.com today. I found several wonderful assets there, including video backgrounds and sound effects I’ll use in a video I’ll publish today. The images, videos and sounds are fantastic.
Marcos A.T. Silva, XboxPlus.net, Brazil

I have listened to some of the audio and the fx. Great production quality! I have a rather large collection of Royalty Free media and I have to say that what you offer here is really good and I will certainly be using many of these elements… Especially the HD Video Backgrounds.

George Kedourie, Work Your Web, Spain

Callouts is amazing. In a sea of average Callouts.com is something new and fantastic like that perfect wave you waited all day for.

Sdn DelaNargo, Metalipse, USA

Good morning! I think the content on your site is awesome! Excellent graphics and animations! My only comment would be that it might be helpful to offer lower quality VIDEO files for users. I am a Camtasia user and have found that the video files I download from CallOuts kill Camtasia speed (because they are at such high resolution and quality.)

So my request would be for a couple of additional download options for each file that are of decreasing degrees of resolution / quality.

By the way – I really like the monthly email on new files. That will keep me coming back looking for more.Thanks!

D.J. DeyErmand, InfoGroup, USA

All files provided by you are very high quality, very useful and trendy. Every monthly collection worth the wait, you offer us more and more awesome files. I’m sure that you are creating all this resources with your customers and potential customers in mind, trying to fulfill their needs, which is adding more value to your work.

Congratulation for your vision! Keep doing what you are doing, you do it like no other!

Gabriela Kubanza, QNet Independent Representative, Romania

Regarding the Callouts resources, I must add that all are fabulous but the HD animations for Camtasia are wonderful and have totally enhanced my videos. Keep up the good work; they are fabulous.

David “tangogolffoxtrot” Weddell, UK