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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Creator Deals for Camtasia/Video/Visual Communication

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Creator Deals for Camtasia/Video/Visual Communication

The weekend with some of the greatest deals of the year is here.

To help you make shopping for your creative video, Camtasia, and presentation assets easier, I have dug through literary hundreds of Black Friday offers for video creators, and collected 15 of the best, suitable deals that I could find.

Below you’ll find a list including the price (where applicable) and other features of the deals. I’ve included 15 deals, but of course there are many others out there, so if you think I’ve missed something, please go ahead and add it to your comments.

Full disclosure, I am the truly proud creator of Callouts, SuperCallouts, and SuperStamps. And am really happy about these assets, and know that you’ll find them very useful. I have also tested most of the other products in one capacity or another. And I would not recommend them if I didn’t know them to be great. If untested, I will let you know in the comments below each deal.

All links will open in a new window, so go ahead and check each one out closely.

Callouts Creator Assets. Access 1,000+ Camtasia templates, graphics, videos, green screens, music, and much more!

$20 off the Callouts Membership, first year – US$79 ($99.00) – Nov 25-28

The coupon has already been applied to the page.

With the Callouts membership, you have access to thousands of creative assets for video, presentations, graphics, Camtasia, music, sound fx, and much, much more… Currently, Callouts members have access to more than 1,000 Camtasia templates, with more coming every month.

Callouts Camtasia Templates section here

Camtasia 2022 & Snagit 2023 – 25% Off

25% off Snagit, Camtasia and Upgrades – CyberMonday Nov 28th

The coupon has already been applied to the page.

The coupon is automatically applied to the cart, but just in case, the coupon is: CYBER2022

You’ll find upgrade links under the main products. One year of maintenance is now always included, so you will most likely get the next full version releases as well.

SuperCallouts v4 – A collection of 800 Camtasia assets (4 GB of files!)

$80 off SuperCallouts v4 – US$119.95 ($199.95) – Nov 25-28

The coupon has already been applied to the page.

SuperCallouts v4 – Over 4 GB of Camtasia-Ready Templates, Lower Thirds, Transitions, Motion Backgrounds, Music, Sound Effects, and much more. Installs into the Camtasia library. Version for is not an upgrade but a completely new version with all new contents.

SuperStamps v9 – A collection of 10,000 (!) Snagit and visual communication assets

$15 off SuperStamps v9 – US$24.95 ($39.95) – Nov 25-28

The coupon has already been applied to the page.

SuperStamps is a huge collection of visual communication assets, created to aid the presenter, teacher, marketer, trainer, etc., to create stunning and professional-looking visual documentation.

The stamps/icons included in SuperStamps cover a wide variety of areas. You’ll find stamps for educational purposes, business reports, presentations, technical writing, and many other areas.

The stamps also offer great versatility, you can install and use them directly in Snagit (installer included), but you can also use them directly in virtually any graphics, presenter, or video software, including software like Powerpoint, cloud apps such as Canva, online presentation, and collaboration tools, etc.

Publitio, excellent Video Hosting – Lifetime deal

75-85% off Lifetime plans, starting at $79 ($324). Until Nov 29 (Publitio)

I’m a big fan. Excellent, excellent video hosting service and so much more. We host tons of videos on Publitio, and it has always worked without the slightest hiccup. And with a lifetime plan, so much better.

Many of the videos that we provide for Callouts, we host on Publitio, and over the last few years. Watermarks, hosting of images, and video, easy to upload, categorize and so much more. Also has a media player, and automatic re-rendering of videos to different sizes…

HappyScribe – Generate automatic transcripts and subtitles for your audio and video – Lifetime deal

HappyScribe automatic video transcription and subtitle creation $69 ($324), Lifetime access. Until Nov 29

I have been using Happyscribe for a couple of years now, and it’s a great service. If you, like me sometimes work without a script, it’s very handy to just upload your speech to Happyscribe, and a few minutes later you’ll have it transcribed. You can also create subtitles.

With the lifetime membership, you will get 2 hours of machine-generated transcripts per month. Or add more codes for more time. Which they claim is around 80% accurate, but for me, it has been even more accurate, especially when I’ve added some of my own “sounds” to the database.

Canva 30-day Pro Account

Canva – Get a Pro Account Free for 30 days! Unlimited time. (Canva)

Quickly create videos, presentations, and much, much more. If you haven’t checked out Canva yet, take this chance and get access to a Pro account for 30 days.

Canva is an online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere. Also great in combination with SuperStamps (above), just drag-and-drop your graphics in to create even more amazing stuff.

My go-to solution for quick and easy work!

Video Intro – with Your Custom Logo

Custom Video Intro US$20 ($35) – Nov 26-29 (Callouts Studio)

Get a custom-made intro for your videos, with your logo. Choose from 60 different intro templates, and find one that fits your brand. No coupon is needed. The video is usually delivered within one business day.

Corel Painter Bundle (26 Corel software titles), includes Corel VideoStudio Pro 2022

Aprox $32 ($1,402). 31 Corel Software and brushes 17 days left. (Corel/Humblebundle)

Corel painter has been around for a very long time. In this collection, you get no less than 31 different titles and get to help with charity. Brand new VideoStudio Pro 2022 is also included in the collection.

Admittedly I am not a painter and haven’t had a chance to test Corel Painter, but in the showcase video, it looks very interesting. VideoStudio also looks very interesting with hundreds of effects.

For Youtube, Biteplay – Find your perfect Youtube audience and connect.

Biteplay Lifetime deal $99 ($2,388) Until Nov 29. (Biteplay/Appsumo)

I haven’t tested this yet, but it looks very promising and has gotten great reviews.

Biteplay makes it easier than ever for creators to promote video content on YouTube. You can tap into the most relevant content for your brand, so you know your content is always at the right place, at the right time.

Take advantage of contextual placement scaling for targeting an audience based on website content, then customize messages as you tap into relevant content. And because you’ll be connecting with audiences when they’re already engaging in similar topics, you’ll convert more viewers to subscribers.

Video shortener, Chopcast – Find your perfect Youtube audience and connect.

chopcast Lifetime deal $69 ($300) Until Nov 29. (chopcast/Appsumo)

I am experimenting with Youtube shorts right now, and it’s a real hassle to shorten and remake the videos from scratch to fit the different social media spots, that’s where chopcast comes in handy.

Trimming longer video content for social media platforms can feel like you’re editing your nana’s ramblings for the Christmas family newsletter. (“Respectfully, please get to the point.”)

You know that social media is the best way to blow up your content, but vetting hours of raw footage and calculating timestamps is a hard pass.

What if there was a lightning-fast way to whip up highlight reels for your socials and get more eyes on your stuff?

Lottie Animations – Creattie, works in Camtasia

Creattie Lifetime deal $99 ($1,440) Until Nov 29. (Creattie/Appsumo)

I am still on the fence of this, not sure I like the look and feel. But I still wanted to add it to list because it’s a very handy addon for Camtasia. You can just download and drop these directly into Camtasia. So I’ll let you be the judge of if Creattie will be useful in your projects.

Creattie was born with the mission to save designers and marketers from wasting their time. UI designers and marketers choose Creattie because; The extensive selection of animated icons and illustrations. Every single design is hand-selected. Artwork is available as an animation or in a static version. All Lottie animations belong to a cohesive collection in the same design style.

Also, with Creattie editor, you can customize colors, stroke width, animation speed, and choose the interaction (play on hover, loop animation, or loop on hover).

Multi Camera Streaming with Live2Social

Live2Social Lifetime deal $79 ($468) Until Nov 29. (Live2Social/Appsumo)

Untested, as I haven’t done any streaming (yet). But if you are, or are thinking about it, this looks like a very promising alternative.

It’s hard to broadcast awesome video content when you’re stuck using your laptop’s webcam and generic backgrounds. (“Thought I’d lead this interview from the Eiffel Tower! Haha, if only…”)

Multi-camera streaming would introduce endless creative opportunities to level up your content, but all that equipment and manpower could burn a hole in your wallet.

Luckily, there’s a solution that cuts those costs and puts versatile multi-camera broadcasts right at your fingertips.

Vidtoon Simple drag-and-drop animated characters for video

Vidtoon 2 Lifetime deal $49 ($564) Until Nov 29. (Vidtoon/Appsumo)

Untested, as I am planning to add similar assets to Callouts.

Creating sophisticated animated videos is child’s play using the newest range of features on Vidtoon 2.

Included with deal:

  • 80 Characters: Select from a variety of animated characters
  • 20 Animations Per Character: Make your characters talk, dance, read, jump, drive cars, sell houses
  • 200 Royalty-Free Music Tracks: Use professionally recorded music tracks
  • Unlimited GIFS
  • Unlimited Icons
  • Unlimited Stock images
  • 150 Cartoon HD Backgrounds: Set the scene with these stunning pics
  • Text to Speech: Use the free or realistic Google TTS for your videos
  • Record or Import Audio: Record directly inside the software
  • Export Videos, No Added Fees: Publish your videos in FHD
  • Unlimited videos

More from Appsumo!

I went through over 100 Black Friday deals from Appsumo, so there is a good chance I missed something that you may find interesting. So if you want to look over them to see if there’s anything suitable for your projects:

Check out Youtube, Video, Graphics and other related Black Friday deals here.

Please note that most of them end at midday, November 29th.

Peppertype AI Writer (Appsumo Plus required)

Peppertype Lifetime deal $99 ($300). Until Nov 29th. (Peppertype/Appsumo). Appsumo Plus is required.

Unfortunately, this deal is only available to Appsumo plus members, which is another service I can recommend, but I understand it’s not for everyone. So before you will have access you will need to sign up for their Plus membership. I still wanted to recommend it here because I’ve used this and a few other AI writers, and this is the easiest and most straightforward solution I’ve come across yet.

Quickly generate texts and ideas for various subjects using AI. I have been testing this out for a couple of months, and it is exciting. The ideas and sentences are not always useful, but it often sparks new creative ideas. You can create texts in many different areas, such as Youtube topic ideas, blog outlines, product descriptions, and many other useful areas.

These are of course just a few of the available deals out there. If you know of any others that are great for content creators, please post them in the comments section.

The article includes affiliate links. If you choose to buy through some of these links, you help support bringing more templates to Camtasia.

Peter - Callouts Staff

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