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Callouts March 2014, Harmony Videos, Camtasia Text Animations and more

Callouts March 2014, Harmony Videos, Camtasia Text Animations and more

Here at Callouts we decided to dub March “Harmony Month”. Spring is in the air (for most of us, sorry New York) and we are feeling quite a bit of harmony. We have also added what I believe is a great pack of pre-made Camtasia text/animation effects. A great monthly special for business use etc. So let’s get to it 🙂

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Camtasia Text & Animation Styles Collection

“Camtasia Text and Animation Styles Volume 1″ is a collection of 10 useful texts and animations that you can import and use directly in Camtasia Studio 8.

The collection is created as a Camtasia Studio Library, so you can just download and install it directly into Camtasia Studio and it will appear in your Camtasia Library. Then drag out the text effect you want to apply, change font, color, speed etc. to get exactly the project look you want.

Check out the demo below or read more and download Camtasia Text & Animation Styles vol. 1 here!

Monthly Special 1: Vector Character Business Pack

“Premium Vector Characters Business Pack” is a collection of high quality business related vector graphics, consisting of: male business characters, female business characters, office backgrounds and “random” business characters.

Please note: This collection is a Monthly Special and will only be available for a brief time, so be sure to download it now.

All of these graphics are “business” themed, so if you need some quality graphics for this niche, this pack is definitely for you. Check out Premium Vector Character Business Pack here.

Monthly Special 2: A collection of 30 new sound effects

soundeffectsfeaturedAlso available throughout March we have a music collection with 30 Swells and Swooshes.

Sound effects is incredibly popular here on Callouts.com. That’s why we are offering you an entire collection this month, including 30 different swells and swooshes sound effects. Perfect to enhance your videos and presentations.

Listen to the samples and download the complete collection of Swells and Swooshes Sound Effects here.

Harmony HD Videos

We are feeling spring and harmony in the air so we have added a large set of highly useful harmonic backgrounds available in HD (1280×720). Beautiful, soft combinations of colors, tones and light working in perfect harmony. Perfect as backgrounds for your presentation videos.

Here are a few examples of the new soft harmony backgrounds.




Make sure to check out the other Harmony Video Motion Backgrounds here.

Additional Full HD (1920×1080) VIdeo Backgrounds Added This Month

Apart from the harmonic videos mentioned above we have as usual added a bunch of highly useful background videos for all your projects. You can as usual use all files on Callouts Royalty-Free in both personal and commercial projects, so go ahead and get creative with an arsenal of resources.



Check out all HD Videos / Motion Backgrounds here

Harmony Backgrounds (Graphics)


27 amazing harmonic backgrounds you can use for all your video, advertising and presentation work. These are still graphics (not videos) based on soft colors with modern polygon and mosaic patterns.

All 27 Full HD (1920×1080) graphics come in .png format. You can easily import them into Powerpoint, any video or graphics software. I hope you find them very useful :)

Check out the video (set it to display in HD) or see all the included samples and download Color Harmony Backgrounds here.


Check out our entire Background Graphics section here!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Stamps/Icons

There are 24 Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Icons/Stamps in this collection. They are all 512×512 pixels large (the samples below are smaller). All come with tranparent background (png format) so you can place them on what ever background you like.

The work perfectly with any video or graphics software. You can for example use them directly in the Snagit Editor (instructions included for this), Powerpoint etc.

Check out the overview and download your St. Patrick’s Day Icons Stamps here!

Check out the complete Stamps/Icons Section here.

New 3D Graphics

We have added a new collection of Marketing/Sales related 3D Graphics this month as well. 3D Graphics are created in HD format, 1000×1000 pixels in size on transparent background and can easily be used in your emails, presentations, videos, graphics etc. Here is an example, please note that the actual images is even bigger than the one you see here.

New 3d Graphics

Check out the new 3D Ads graphics in the 3D Graphics section here!

New Harmony Music

We have added 3 new soft meditation, harmony tracks this month.

As usual you can use these music tracks royalty-free in all your personal and commercial projects.

Listen and download harmony themed: Uncharted Seas, Mombasa Jig and Chimedust.

Check out the complete Royalty Free Music Section here!

Coming in April

In April we have another collection of great Camtasia text animations, graphics and new videos. I am right now putting the final touch to the “white cloudy” collection of graphics that you will be able to use in any video, presentation or graphic and as usual, much, much more…

Have a great Harmony March, see you soon!

More Camtasia Text Effects ink

clock roses

White Cloudy Callouts Stamps Color-Harmonies-Backgrounds

Peter - Callouts Staff

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