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Camtasia Super Slick Mockup Templates

Camtasia Super Slick Mockup Templates

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I am super proud to present our latest Camtasia template collection, “Camtasia Super Slick Mockup Templates”!

The idea for this template collection came up when I needed some templates showing Camtasia screen recordings for a demonstration video, but I didn’t want to go with the boring old regular straight-up “screen-recording filling the entire screen” type. I wanted movement and beauty. I hope you’ll find them immensely useful.

I’ve included 25 different templates, with two different durations, 10 seconds and 30 seconds each. If you have longer recordings, I suggest splitting them up and using two different templates to get some variation going.

DOF or depth-of-field effect is also included, as well as an RGB screen effect to heighten the realism. The RGB effect can easily be turned off in the properties.



Included in the collection:

25x Animated ten-second templates (10x with text)
25x Animated 30-second templates (10x with text)
RGB effect
DOF (Depth-of-field) effect
Help Instructions
Overview chart



Software: Camtasia 2021 and later
Templates: 50 Animated Mockup Templates
ID: CAM070


TechSmith Camtasia© is made by TechSmith Corporation. More info: www.techsmith.com. This Camtasia Template Collection is an independent Library Asset for Camtasia, made by SoftwareCasa/Callouts. SoftwareCasa is not associated with TechSmith Corp. This Camtasia Template Collection for Camtasia can be downloaded by members on www.callouts.com.


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  1. Shehab
    August 7, 2022, 12:38 pm

    Thx <3

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