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Mouse Click Illustrations 07

Mouse Click Illustrations 07

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Mouse Click Illustrations Volume 7, Mouse with Text & Room for Instructions includes 5 icons illustrating different mouse functionality.

As it often can be difficult to describe what they user should do with the mouse, you can use these icons to illustrate exactly what action they need to take. Perfect for Technical Writers, Educators, Presentations etc.

The collection includes 5 different Icons/Stamp actions. The icons can be used directly in Snagit, Camtasia, Word, Powerpoint, Excel and most other graphics, office and video software, just by dragging-and-dropping them into the application.

The images come in transparent PNG format so you can place them on any background. They are 512×512 pixels large so they can be used even in HD videos.


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If you miss some illustrations, please comment below or send a request, and we’ll try to add them too. We hope you’ll find them very useful!


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