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Top Ten Free Graphic Assets 2019

Top Ten Free Graphic Assets 2019

When going over the statistics last year, one category of assets, that has really taken of is the Graphics category.

The free assets in this category have rendered thousands of downloads, and we wanted to share the free collections that have been most popular. For us, the results had quite some surprises, but be sure to look for yourself.

Everyone loves free, but be sure to also check out our other Graphics related categories for premium members:

All creative assets found on Callouts can be downloaded by our Premium Members. Grab a membership here to save big and get instant access to the titles below as well as our entire library of presentation and visual communication resources, for a low yearly or monthly fee.

#10 Little Monsters Emoticon Collection

Using SuperStamps Monsters we have created this little set of ten cute (and some hopefully scary) little ghosts and other wicked characters that you can freely use in work and play. If these not so smiling smiley’s don’t scare you, I don’t know what will…

The 10 monster icons come in transparent .png format plus the background image of the scary church with graves (1280×720 px). The individual icons span from 256×256 pixels up to 373×489 pixels. Being transparent you can place them on top of any other background. If you are using Snagit you can also change their transparency if you want to make them appear a little “ghost-like” looking.

Download Asset Here

#9 Basic Social Media Subscribe Buttons

The ninth most downloaded free graphics asset. You can never have enough subscribe buttons 😉

In this collection you find six free basic Social Media Subscribe buttons for common social media services, such as Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube.

Each button features the social media brand and a call-to-action “Subscribe” text. Will work well in presentations, videos, on the web, etc. Buttons are 400×100 pixels PNG format.

Drop them in your videos, use them in our social media, etc.

Download Asset Here

#8 Free Comics-Styled Speech Bubbles

In eight place, we have one of my personal favorites. Ten free comics-styled speech bubbles in classic black and white.

Includes speech bubbles, dream bubbles, and explosions. These icons/stamps can be used in most graphics, office, and presentation related software just by dragging and dropping. Import for example directly into Snagit and use them as stamps, drop them in Word, Powerpoint and most video editors.

Download Asset Here

#7 Free Colored 3D Smileys

8 cute 3D Smileys in different colors displaying som fun emotions. Smileys are transparent, 256px in size and can be dragged-and-dropped into most software. Animated in Camtasia in the video above.

Also, be sure to check out the premium version of this with hundreds of 3D Smiley’s available here.

Download Asset Here

#6 Happy Thanksgiving Icons

I think Thanksgiving is one of the nicest North American traditions. Yes, it’s about eating Turkey, but not only that. Thanksgiving is also the tradition of giving thanks. To say “Thank you!” for all that you are grateful for to your close ones.

To celebrate Thanksgiving I wanted to do something for our visitors and friends. So I created a graphics pack consisting of 8 Icons. These can be used as stamps in Snagit or directly in any other graphics application, pasted into your emails and so forth. Free to download and as usual they can be used royalty-free. 

Download Asset Here

#5 Twenty Free Useful Icon Stickers

A cool collection with twenty different and completely free sticker-styled icon graphics. The collection features useful images for your creative projects. The graphics are transparent, and around 400 pixels large.

This icons/stamps-collection can be used in most graphics, office and presentation related software. Just drag-and-drop them into the application.

Import for example directly into Snagit and use them as stamps or add in your Powerpoint presentations and emails. Check out the video and overview image below for a better view.

Download Asset Here

#4 Free Explainer Guys

Launched late last year, this free collection jumped to the fourth position of most downloads for the entire year!

Create your beautiful presentation, Powerpoint and explainer video with this collection of free presenter guys. The collection includes ten different free characters, made especially for explainer/presenter type videos and presentations.

The characters are transparent, so you can place them on any background. Works very well on both darker and lighter backgrounds. Just to drag-and-drop into most graphics, video, and presentation software. You can, for example, use them directly as stamps in Snagit. Files are 512 px high, transparent PNG.

Download Asset Here

#3 SuperStamps Trial version

We have developed a Snagit Stamps Graphics Pack called SuperStamps.

SuperStamps now includes more than 7,000 professionally designed graphics/icons that you can access and use directly from within Snagit (Mac and PC) and other graphics software like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Mindmanager, Camtasia Studio, SmartDraw or for example video applications.

This free collection is just a very small taste of the entire package. Check out SuperStamps entire collection here (sold separately, not included in Callouts membership)

Download Asset Here

#2 Free Thank You Icons/Stamps

Our way of saying Thank You from Callouts 🙂

We have put together a free Graphics pack for you with 12 different Icons/Stamps all saying “Thank You” you in various shapes and forms. All graphic files are created in high quality, png transparent format which means that you can place them on any background. The graphics are created from 256 pixels up to 1000 pixels in size.

They are also perfect to use as stamps directly in the Snagit editor, or why not use them in your videos or say Thank You in your social media posts.

Download Asset Here

#1 Free Emoticons / Smileys

Using SuperStamps Monsters we have put together a collection of 20 Emoticons / Smileys that you can download for free. Emoticons are easy to create in SuperStamps Monsters just by dragging the different parts such as eyes, mouth and other items onto the emoticon.

I tried to create a set that covers a broad spectrum of emotions, maybe not one for every feeling, but at least a few of them.

Download Asset Here

Thank you for checking out our most downloaded free graphics collections. For more free stuff, check out our Free Assets here.

Peter - Callouts Staff

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