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Camtasia Animation Effects Vol. 4

Camtasia Animation Effects Vol. 4

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Our forth collection of Camtasia Animation Effects features 15 new Camtasia project files that you can use directly in Camtasia. Just drag and drop to apply the effect. Among the 15 effects you’ll find Colorizing effects, Vignettes and Frames.

You can import and use the Camtasia Library files directly in Camtasia Studio 8. For details, see the overview video below.

What’s included in the project files

  • 15 different Animation effect project files, ready to use directly in Camtasia Studio
  • An overview video showing the 15 effects
  • A how-to guide on how to import the project into the Camtasia Studio library and how to incorporate them in your video creations.
  • Where you can find fonts, HD backgrounds and music used in the video.
  • Optimized for HD size 1280×720 but can easily be used on other video sizes such as full HD 1920×1080.

The Camtasia Studio 8 project files are extremely versatile. You can for example:

  • Change texts (this one is pretty obvious)
  • Change fonts
  • Change sizes
  • Change durations
  • Change speeds
  • Change colors
  • Customize animations, change timings etc. to match your project
  • Works on any background
  • Add additional text holders by simply copy and paste on the Camtasia timeline
Please comment below if you’d like to see more Camtasia project files on Callouts.

Here are a few examples of included Animation effects.



38 42-44


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TechSmith Camtasia© is made by TechSmith Corporation. More info: www.techsmith.com. This Camtasia Template Collection is an independent Library Asset for Camtasia, made by SoftwareCasa/Callouts. SoftwareCasa is not associated with TechSmith Corp. This Camtasia Template Collection for Camtasia can be downloaded by members on www.callouts.com.


4 Customer Reviews

  1. jbraat
    June 25, 2014, 11:11 am

    Keep the Camtasia Animation Effects coming! Love Camtasia and can’t wait to see future effects from Call Outs. Thanks!

  2. Nycollas
    September 27, 2016, 3:02 pm


  3. Nycollas
    September 27, 2016, 3:02 pm

    bom d+++

  4. Nycollas
    September 27, 2016, 3:03 pm

    bom d++

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