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Top 100 Presentation Resources 2016

Top 100 Presentation Resources 2016

I hope you enjoyed an amazing holiday. In this newsletter we’ve collected the top 100 most appreciated and downloaded presentation resources on Callouts during 2016. I hope you’ll find many useful video clips, templates and music for your projects.

To access and download each of the top resources, just click on it and you’ll be taken to the resource page where you can download it.

If you aren’t currently a member of Callouts, you can join here and access all Callouts presentation resources.


Our Premium members can download all resources found on Callouts.com, but we also have a free section where where you can download resources without being a member.

The most downloaded free resources this year is our 10 Free Camtasia Animations. This was created for Camtasia 8 but it should work perfectly for version 9 as well.

Check out the overview video below and download 10 Free Camtasia Animations here!



On second position and still our most downloaded file ever, we find the Star Wars inspired Camtasia template. Works in both Camtasia 8 and the new version 9.

You find this classic template in the free section.

View the overview video below and download Free Star Wars inspired Camtasia Template here!

And on position 3 to 8 you find the following free downloads. The royalty-free music track Holiday Swing has moved up the most last year to 4th position.

15-Jun-12-4-32-08-PMhot thankyouhot thankyou-featuredhot LoveStampsFeaturedhot  15-Jun-12-4-40-04-PMhot1

Check out the complete free section here.


I created a video showcasing the 12 most downloaded HD video backgrounds last year. These are all loopable and useable in most video editors. Check out the video and download each one by clicking on the thumbnails below.

  See the entire list of most downloaded HD video backgrounds over all years here


These are the 16 videos that received the highest rank from users in 2016.

Click on the image to see samples and the entire list of most voted background videos.

Check out the videos that got the most votes here!


Apart from the free music track Holiday Swing, listed in the free section the following 10 resources was the most often downloaded music during 2016.

Click on the name to listen to the sample and download the soundtrack. A lot of new tracks has made their way up this year.

We have a lot of new and awesome music for 2017 so stay tuned!

  1. Dramatic Spirit (moved up from 4th position last year)
  2. Degrees of Sunshine (up from 5th)
  3. Tropical Loop (new on toplist)
  4. Vox n Rocks (new!)
  5. Nu Event (new this year)
  6. Commerce Fever (new!)
  7. Textured Legacy (new!)
  8. Video Tutorial Instrumental (new!
  9. Handel Water Music Hornpipe (new!)
  10. Piano Presentation (new!)

Listen to the entire list of most downloaded music here

If you want to check out the list of the music that got the highest appreciation among our users, you find that here


stingerlogohotNot much has happened on our sound effects since last year. Here are the 5 most downloaded sound effects this year.

1. Sound Effects Hollywood Trailer

2. Stinger Imperial Orchestral

3. Stinger Drum Build

4.Sweet Zap Impact Sound Effects (new on toplist!)

5. Stinger Dance Fever (new!)

Complete list, most downloaded sound effects


Besides the two Camtasia templates found in our free section, the following nine template collections was the most downloaded Camtasia resources last year.

Our 3D templates caused quite a lot of attention when it was released. I have included the overview video here. You can download Camtasia 3D Animation template here.

See below for the other most downloaded Camtasia templates.

Here are the 8 other most downloaded Camtasia templates.


See the entire list of our Camtasia Templates here


Transparent, Chroma-Key, Overlay videos, Green Screen. This category of videos is gaining a lot of interest and downloads. You can place these videos on top of other videos or still backgrounds in your video project and the background will show be displayed in the transparent area. This is an area we will focus on even more in 2017, particularly on green screen videos. Please note that only the green screen ones, not the transparent ones will work in Camtasia 9.

Here are the top 12 most downloaded transparent (overlay) videos of 2016.Click the tumbnails to see preview and download.


See the entire list of most downloaded Transparent and Green Screen Videos from the start

Also, check out the highest voted transparent background videos here


Graphic backgrounds can be very useful both for video as backdrops and backgrounds for regular presentations such as Powerpoint.

For background graphics (stills), these ten was the most downloaded background collections.


See all the most downloaded Graphic Backgrounds all times


In our graphics and stamps collection we see educational related resources gaining a lot of ground. Interest for business silhouettes is also big and we will continue working on that in 2017.


Here are the ten most downloaded premium Icons/Stamps during 2016

      203flatblueiconsFEATURED WhiteCloudyFeatured

Also see most downloaded Icons/Stamps all times here


The 3D graphics section this year was totally dominated by the white 3d guy and girl. They took all 10 top positions and clearly show us that we have to focus on creating more of these.

And the winners of the 3D graphics (stills) category are…


Check out most downloaded 3D graphics of all times


And I wanted to end this presentation with the 3D graphic that got the most member votes. Suitable for the theme, the clap board award statue 3d guy.

See all highest voted 3D graphics here


If you would like to browse our top downloads further, here are some quick links to the most downloaded resources of each category, not  just for last year, but since we started Callouts. Enjoy!

Most Downloaded Music

Most Downloaded HD Video Backgrounds

Most Downloaded Whiteboard Animations

Most Downloaded Transparent and Green Screen Videos

Most Downloaded Sound Effects

Most Downloaded Camtasia Project Templates

Most Downloaded 3D Graphics

Most Downloaded Graphics Backgrounds (not video)

Most Downloaded Icons/Stamps

Most Downloaded PowerPoint Templates


We have a lot lined up for 2017 so stay tuned, more to come shortly… Here is a little taste of what’s being developed right now. See you soon 😉

Here are a more examples of resources coming your way soon.

024camtsasiawhite320 10147_poly02-featured 30060_callouts_ringswhitehd0166_thumb 1482-98377 1481-98373 redcurtaingreen-featured

Peter - Callouts Staff

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