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Five Most Popular Monthly Bonuses 2019

Five Most Popular Monthly Bonuses 2019

Every month we offer Monthly bonuses here on Callouts. These are often larger collections of graphics, templates or music, available for a limited time only.

During 2019, we offered around twenty different bonuses, and here we present the five most downloaded collections throughout the year. To celebrate, we have also made these five available during the month of January only, in case you missed some of them.

All creative assets found on Callouts can be downloaded by our Premium Members. Grab a membership here to save big and get instant access to the titles below as well as our entire library of presentation and visual communication resources, for a low yearly or monthly fee.

OK, let’s check out the top five most popular monthly bonuses in 2019.


#5 Explainer Toons

In fifth place, and with a lot of downloads in a very limited time, we have the Explainer Toons! 100 toon-styled characters for your creative explainer projects. The collection includes ten different categories of job-related characters in transparent PNG format.

A preview image is also included below. This collection is perfect for your explainer videos, presentations, graphics, and social media projects.

Included character categories

  • 2x Business characters
  • Chef
  • Cleaning service
  • Customer service
  • Doctor
  • Fitness
  • Mechanic
  • 2x Repairmen

Download Asset Here

#4 Blitz Combo Machine Electronica/Funk/Infomercial Music Collection

With Blitz Combo Maschine, you get no less than 60 MB of Electronica, Funk, Infomercial, Orchestral, and Urban music tracks.

This collection includes  8 songs in many different versions, 34 tracks in total.

Included tracks

  • “Blitz Maschine”, 5 versions of Electronica music.
  • “Chilled Occasion”, 5 versions of funky music.
  • “Dance de la Lune”, 5 versions of Infomercial music.
  • “Invasion”, 5 versions of Orchestral music.
  • “Kinetic Flux”, 5 versions of Urban music.
  • “Knight Attack”, 2 versions of Orchestral/Cinematic music.
  • “Pitchman”, 4 versions of Infomercial.
  • “Sassy Strings”, 3 versions Orchestral music.

You can use these in your creative projects without worrying about license or attribution. Use on Youtube, Vimeo, for your presentations and other video and creative projects.

Download Asset Here

#3 Flexible Music Loops

The third most downloaded monthly bonus is a great collection with no less than 121 music loops!

If you’re a producer of any type of multi-media product, then you already know the value of a great instrumental background soundtrack. The perfect music choice connects with your audience in a way that text and visuals alone simply cannot accomplish.

But what do you do if your video is 15 minutes long and you want the music to run through the entire video? Then Loops are a perfect choice.

Together with the power of the software that’s available today, you take a MUSIC LOOP (a file that doesn’t have a defined ending point), and you loop it (or repeat it) to run the music to fit your exact needs. Adding this collection to your toolbox today will fill it with another 121 of music loops.

Many of these loops are designed to integrate seamlessly with one another, plus… there are even a few “ending” files added in … to use in those spots where you don’t want to fade out the end of the music.

Download Asset Here

#2 Sound Effects Volume 2

In the second position, we have Sound FX Volume 2. A sound effects collection including 39 useful sound effects!

This collection was picked out as a Monthly Bonus because of its usefulness as video background sound effects. The sound fx can be dragged and dropped into most video editors, for example, Premiere Pro, Vegas, and Camtasia.

Listen to the sample above, the sample showcases a few of included sound effects and has been saved in lower quality than the actual product. Sound FX has been mixed together in the sample.

In the collection you’ll find:

  • 70s analog modulation
  • Blowing FX
  • Explosions
  • Hits
  • Laser Fire
  • Machine Guns
  • Mechanical Noise
  • Out of this world FX
  • Rumples
  • Sweeps
  • Synth Hits
  • UFO FX
  • Analog Phats

Download Asset Here

Most Downloaded Monthly Bonus – Orchestral Impact 3

And drumroll, please… The most popular collection of monthly bonuses in 2019 was no less than the Orchestral Impact Vol. 3. Create impact in your videos with epic-sounding orchestral background music.

All instrumental and dynamic. Thick layered and luscious tracks. Professional studio music like Orchestral Impact 3 will increase the value of your products and establish you as a true professional!

Studio Created Music – Not just a bunch of pre-made loops assembled without thought and structure.

Multiple Length Formats – These tracks are 100% ready to go and contain a variety of lengths so you can match your requirements easily. You just pick the one that you like the most and then plug it into your selected audio project. This could be your website intro, an audio product or a CD you send out to people!

Royalty-Free Use – With the Orchestral Impact 3, you’ll never have to pay royalties – even on network television!

All Orchestral and Instrumental – perfect for creating impact!

All Fresh Tunes – Not the same old tunes that have been floating around the web for years – these are all brand new!

Download Asset Here

Peter - Callouts Staff

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